What to do with this video?

We would like to tell you more about one of the easiest ways to boost your tutor’s account — to record a short promo video that we can use for our advertising on LiveXP’s social media channels.

How our tutors got new lessons through the successful promo video in 2 months

Some of our tutors have good examples of successful promo videos. Our ads with their videos brings new students and lessons to them.

Grace Field got 21 new students who bought 107 lessons.

Grace Field

Natali Galushko got 10 new students who bought 64 lessons.

Natali Galushko

Victor Ossom got 9 new students who bought 57 lessons.

Victor Ossom

What’s the secret of a successful video?

The student’s choice depends on the quality of the video and the message you speak. That’s why you need to catch the interest of your potential students. We’ve gathered a few tips for you to help record a high-quality and effective video:

What to speak about

We’ve prepared a list of what information is valuable for students in choosing the tutor:

  • Your proficiency
  • Experience (in both teaching a language and interacting with people of different nationalities)
  • Teaching style and approach
  • Materials you work with
  • Things you can help with at your lessons (Conversations, exams, business, etc)
  • Your target audience (only adults, only children, or both)
  • Things that make you special as a tutor
  • Advantages students will receive if they learn from you
  • Your hobbies and interests

How to speak

Be natural, do not read the text from the screen or sheet. Try to make eye contact with the viewer. It provokes a trusting relationship with potential students and increases their desire to study with you.

Be careful with announcing discounts and prices. If you focus too much on this, the potential student will decide that you just want to sell them the lessons, and not help them learn the language.

If you speak multiple languages, record separate videos in different languages to increase your student reach.


  • Vertical or square video up to 10-20 seconds
  • Picture and sound quality matter. You don’t need studio shooting and processing, but you should be clearly heard and seen. A video shot made with the help of a good phone is fine.
  • The resolution of the video must be HD (720x1280 px) or Full HD (1080x1920 px).

Where to send a recorded video

Send the video to this email [email protected]

The letter must contain:

  • Your name and the link to your tutor’s profile on LiveXP
  • A link to the finished promo video on a file hosting service or video hosting (dropbox, google drive, youtube, vimeo)
  • Your text in the original language and its translation into English

If in the future you want us to stop using the video in advertising, please let us know at [email protected] from the same email from which you sent us the video.

Read more about other ways of boosting your tutor’s account here.

Why isn’t my recorded video used?

Please, take into account, that if your video doesn’t meet our requirements of quality, duration, or content, we will not use it. Also, your prices should be reasonable. We will not show your video in our ads if your 30-min trial lesson costs more than $5 and a 1-hour lesson costs more than $15.

Mind, that we don’t guarantee your video to be often shown. It occurs due to Facebook’s advertising logic. It decides what to show more often by itself and we can’t influence it in any way.